We are Moleac, a small biopharma company with a big dream

Moleac introduced NeuroAiD in 2006, a breakthrough natural supplement for stroke patients. In 2012 Moleac developed the Stroke Recovery Coach, the only online resource for stroke patients to track and set goals for their rehabilitation. Today the Stroke Recovery Coach is one of the largest online community designed exclusively for stroke patients, and is totally free.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of brain injury victims and their families.

Our mission is to develop and commercialize scientifically proven therapeutics that advance brain injury care worldwide, to become an excellent place to work where employees are challenged to make a positive difference, and to reward those who invest in our company with a superior return.

Please continue the Stroke Recovery Coach, it is very helpful


I am glad I found it I have learned a lot


They are selling a product for profit, as an added service they are providing the service, which is extremely helpful. A good business model as it allows/ provides not only a product, but a service as well.


I volunteer at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MA. I am a Peer Visitor and tell all my constituents during our monthly meeting about your program.

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We Are Dreamers. We Are Innovators. We Are Moleac.

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