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      still big time stiff on right side with drop foot and a hip that is the big issue.. even after 3.5 yrs i still have tightness and pain and docs these days are not caring for me like they would have last century.. many do not even seem to know much about my type of stroke.. and with the OXY hype hurting good folks has made getting a quality of life almost impossible. Dr’s do not seem to care if one is in pain and almost a cripple.. even after stopping cannabis 26 days.. i assumed they would treat me while cannabis levels declined.. i was wrong and the cruel medical world hit me hard.. so ashamed of medical and this country .. treated like a darn number.. Pain clinics are terrible.. no Real pain experts there..just nurses for the most part with $$ signs in their eyes..

      moral and ethical issues with Pain clinics and new rules/ laws that will just allow folks to be cripples.. amazingly SAD.

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